Boost Your Curb Appeal

We offer high-quality retaining wall installations in Gardena, CA

A perfect landscape needs more than just a lush lawn and some flower beds. Combine concrete masonry with natural elements to give your property gorgeous depth and improved functionality. Dateline Concrete is your local source for retaining wall installations anywhere in the Gardena, CA area.

We offer free estimates on all of our concrete masonry services. Call today to discuss every detail of your retaining wall installation.

Taking retaining walls to the next level

You might think concrete doesn't leave much room for creativity, but our concrete masonry services are fully customizable. Add personalized features to your retaining wall, like:

  • Wood or vinyl privacy fencing
  • Landscape lighting fixtures
  • Stucco to match your home's exterior
Your concrete hardscaping will look fantastic while still offering reliable erosion and flood control. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.